After our stay in the Alpujarras we went to Córdoba, the former Islamic capital of al-Andalusia and one of the major cities in Spain. This city took our attention and interest, because the Arabic culture has a big influence for the traditional music of Andalusia.

Even though we didn't have a lot of time in Córdoba, we were very impressed and did not expect anything like what we saw. The city, (which reminded us of the white cities of the Mediterranean coast) shows its treasures with every turn and reminds you that you are in a city influenced by the Moors and the Romans.

The highlight of the city is, of course, the Cathedral that was built and integrated in the Mosque, that was opened in 987 AD. It was a wonderful to see (especially in this day and age) that it is possible that these different cultures can go together.

In the evening the gastronomical part showed us that Córdoba is a typical Spanish place. The full-bodied wines, rural soups and stewed meats satisfied us very much. A typical 'stand-up' Flamenco performance in the same restaurant completed the Andalusian picture.

Not long after, at midnight, we happened to listen in the park to another performance of the Flamenco music; we were the only auditors.