After our stay in Córdoba, we travelled to Pamplona, the capital of Navarra and the birthplace of Sarasate. It was the final stage of our trip and the place where we began this project last summer.

The main reason for visiting Pamplona again was to have some missing material, re-shooting the grave, which was under construction in the summer, meetings for vintage footage from the 'Film archive of Navarra' and the General archive for pictures of Sarasate.

Fortunately we were lucky enough to have more free time than we expected. That's why we were able to shoot extra footage in the beautiful Pyrinees and it's wildlife, it is home of one of the largest European vulture populations. Though it was very windy and cold we had a lot of fun in the three hours that we spend on the top of a mountain ridge where those major animals are reigning.

The wonderful gastronomy and vibrant city-life of Pamplona entertained us for the days that we spend there. It confirmed the love that it provoked in the summer and we had a hard time leaving. Fortunately, completely in the style of Hemingway's Pamplona, we saw 'the sun rising' in Roncevalles on our way back and that gave a smile to our faces.