The second trip which we made from Italy to Spain started in Cáñar, a small village in the deep valley of the Andalusian Alpujarras. This area which is robust and hard for human survival was hiding its treasures for more than a week through rain and clouds.

Our first goal was to play our recital which was held at the church of Cáñar. A full 'house' gave us a warm welcome in the 8/9 degrees (Celcius) church. This recital was inspiring to play because of the huge altar-piece and the receptive audience.

We were lucky enough to spend two days with locals showing us the area and the gorgeous white villages that still have their deep Arabic roots. The Alpuharras were one of the last places where the Arabs stayed, after the Alhambra in Granada, was taken by the Christians.

Our aim for this trip is to find the influences, the culture and traditions of the Andalusian area. Of course it is hard to cover it all in a relatively short visit and that's why we decided to visit places that were of particular interest to us in relation to the pieces of Sarasate, like, for example, the Malagueña Op.21, which is a piece that is inspired upon the traditional music of Malaga.

All these impressions were filmed and in the coming days we will continue shooting as many interesting aspects of the Andalusian area before traveling up north to the birthplace of Sarasate: Pamplona.