Violin sonata

The violin sonata of Wim Zwaag was written for Meri Khojayan and Robert Poortinga in 2015. It was composed in only 3 days and has a major romantic structure of 3 movements in which the first movement is an Andante sostenuto, the second movement a Lento and the third Allegro. The piece was first performed on the 16th of February 2018.

The first movement is written in an intricate harmonical way through in a form that hints towards a Sonata form. The use of the instruments makes the music in such a way that both instruments become one. Especially in the middle part where there is a part that he called 'Sonore'. The piano is used with the full reach of the keyboard which brings out great post-romantic colours.

The second movement is a slow Lento that is very lyrical and with much space for both instrument to show how a melody can be developed on each instrument individually. It builds towards a middle section that can be seen as one of the dramatic highlights of the piece, resolving back to the calmness of the beginning of the movement with the first melody.

The third movement of the sonata is a highly intricate piece with a four-voice basic in the piano part. The form of the piece can be seen as a blend between a rondo-form and an A-B-A+coda structure. In this movement, the climax is brought to the whole piece and with its virtuosity in both instruments, the music has the highly romantic idiom that is so well known for the music of Wim Zwaag.